Thank You To All Our Volunteers

It was an amazing weekend in Voyageurs National Park. The Volunteer Rendezvous was a great success! 36 volunteers gave 255 hours of service and helped the park complete several important projects. 1606242_10152764496645229_277424275329887347_o

Volunteers restored an entire island on Friday by removing an outhouse and other debris from the landscape. They also enjoyed seeing the park by boat.

Volunteers in Voyageurs National Park

On Saturday, volunteers planted 351 native plants along the recreation trail and in the Ethnobotanical Garden at the Rainy Lake Visitor Center (that's 59 white spruce, 4 white pine, 74 bristly rose, 2 snowberries, 35 common junipers, 16 bush honeysuckles, 90 wild sarsaparilla, 22 Canada columbines, 4 red baneberries, and 45 prairie onions). They also removed many invasive thistles and other weeds.


After a hard day of work, volunteers were invited to an appreciation dinner on the park boat. We hope everyone enjoyed the food and the beauty of the park!

Aboard the park boat

We could not do all this without those of you who support us in myriad ways. Thank you to all of our members, for helping to fund important events like the Volunteer Rendezvous - and for all the volunteers who gave their time over the weekend!

We are also grateful to the sponsors of this year's Volunteer Rendezvous: Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.Highlight PrintingMidwest MountaineeringStewart's Super OneCoffee Landing Cafe and the National Park Service.

Thank you all so much!