What's New at Voyageurs' Bookstores!

Two exciting new books are now being offered at Voyageurs National Park bookstores! During your visit, be sure to stop in and check them out. The stores are located within each of the three visitor's centers in the park.

What’s New?

The Geology of Voyageurs National Park; A Story Written in the Rocks

Have you ever wondered how this area now known as Voyageurs National Park was formed? Or why the rocks in the northern part of the park are so drastically different than the rocks in the southern end of the park?


The landscape of Voyageurs National Park is part of the Canadian Shield - an area of exposed Precambrian rocks formed two-billion years before the dinosaurs! The smoothed rocky outcrops and low elevations that now characterize the park's terrain provide little hint of the area's more dramatic history - when volcanoes erupted beneath an ocean that no longer exists, mountains were built and then eroded, faulting and shifting occurred, and glaciers more than a mile high scoured the area.

A Story Written in the Rocks tells a story about change on a scale different from that of human life. It is a story that emerges from the depths of time, enabling you to make connections between the past and present beauty of this spectacular park. In this easy-to-read guide book, the park’s geological features are brought to life for the young and old who want to discover this national treasure.

Written and edited by Chris B. Hemstad, Leland Grim, and Tawnya Schoewe.

Life at Kettle FallVOYA_Life_KF_Books

This book tells the story of the Williams’ family growing up at Kettle Falls through the eyes and ears of Mike Williams. From the hotel's notorious Prohibition era, to modern life with family and friends at the hotel - and the fishing and hunting adventures along the way, this book is fun and a must-read for those who enjoy history.

Both books can be purchased at any of the park’s three visitor centers or online through Jefferson National Parks Association. A portion of the proceeds goes to support Voyageurs National Park.