Voyageurs National Park Completes 2013 Moose Population Survey

Wildlife biologists at Voyageurs National Park recently completed an aerial survey of the park's moose population.The 2013 population was estimated to be 46 moose (± 7%), similar to estimates from 2009-2011 (no survey was conducted in 2012).The calf:cow ratio and the percent of calves in the population were relatively high in 2013, also similar to estimates from 2010-2011.Biologists conclude the low-density population that exists in Voyageurs National Park at the present time is relatively stable, especially when considered against the backdrop of the rapidly declining population in northeastern Minnesota moose range.However, park's biologists caution that other large-scale factors such as climate change and disease outbreaks continue to threaten the long-term viability of the small, isolated population in the park, and continued monitoring is warranted. The 2013 Voyageurs National Park Moose Population Survey Report can be downloaded at