2019 Buoy Removal and No Hunting Reminders in Voyageurs National Park

International Falls, MN – Voyageurs National Park staff will be conducting hazard marker and regulatory buoy removal within the park during the month of October. The tentative start date for this season’s buoy removal is October 1, although weather and other variables play a critical role in determining specific dates for this work.

In addition, Voyageurs National Park reminds visitors that hunting and trapping of any type or manner is prohibited on Federal lands and all waters within the boundary of Voyageurs National Park. This includes the removal of animals that have entered the park boundary after being shot outside the park.

Park rangers enforce hunting and trapping laws under Federal regulations. These regulations carry a maximum penalty up to $10,000 and/or 6-months in jail for misdemeanor violations and $20,000 and/or 5-years in jail with forfeiture of hunting equipment for felony violations.

Park officials remind hunters to know where they are hunting. Maps showing the park boundary and area information are available at visitor centers, boat launch kiosks, and at park headquarters.

Contact: Tawnya Schoewe, tawnya_schoewe@nps.gov, 218-283-667 or Ben Welch, benjamin_welch@nps.gov, 218-283-6658

Photo by Tom Gable