Federal Government Shutdown Impacts at Voyageurs

January 2, 2019 Update:
A small Park Service crew was given permission to work during the partial federal government shutdown on December 29 and 30th to do an ice condition assessment and stake the Green Trail from Frank's Bay (Rainy Lake) to Crane Lake. They received permission to do this since "closing" Voyageurs National Park is unrealistic given the "porous" nature of access. The establishment of this one trail will help mitigate risk to winter visitors, providing snowmobilers a primary, assessed, and marked trail for safe travel. Snowmobilers should use caution as conditions change daily, pressure ridges may form that will not be marked, and the route will likely be rough since park staff are not able to continue grooming yet.

Voyageurs National Park Association is providing special funding to support additional winter operations. More information soon on how those funds will help keep the Rainy Lake Visitor Center open and aid further winter trail support.

December 22, 2018:
During the shutdown of the federal government, national parks will remain as accessible as possible while still following all applicable laws and procedures. Park roads at Voyageurs National Park may remain accessible to visitors, but will not be plowed. Emergency and rescue services will be limited. Please use extreme caution.

There will be no National Park Service-provided visitor services at Voyageurs National Park, including public information, restrooms, trash collection, and facilities and roads maintenance, including plowing and snowmobile trail grooming.

Trail condition assessment, marking and opening will not resume until following the government shutdown. Because of the federal government shutdown, NPS social media and websites are not being monitored or updated and may not reflect current conditions. All park programs have been canceled at this time.


Photo by Tom Gable

Photo by Tom Gable