Voyageurs National Park Association Conserves 6 Acres on Rainy Lake

In August, Voyageurs National Park Association completed the purchase of 6 acres within Voyageurs National Park. The formerly privately owned site is on the Rainy Lake side of a 75,000-acre roadless area, the Kabetogama Peninsula, which provides habitat for wolves, black bear, moose, otter and eagles.

While the previous landowners wish to remain anonymous, they provided the following comment:

“We are grateful our piece of property in the beautiful wilderness will remain a wilderness and not cluttered or despoiled by billboards or commercialization. We also recognize constant vigilance is necessary to protect and preserve a wilderness. The National Park system at present offers this assurance. May it always be so!”

The property is the third transfer yet under Voyageurs National Park Association'™s Land Preservation Initiative. Under this innovative program, the park's nonprofit partner works with willing sellers to acquire for the park the remaining private properties within Voyageurs' boundaries. Through the Land Preservation Initiative, VNPA can step in to acquire properties and hold them until the National Park Service completes the ownership transfer to the park. The acquisition of these private lands is one of the highest priorities for Voyageurs National Park, as it furthers their goals of restoring developed acreage to a pristine natural state, improving scenic views, and opening additional space for all park visitors to enjoy.

The Land Preservation Initiative is made possible through the Wallace C. Dayton Voyageurs National Park Legacy Fund, a critical land conservation fund created in partnership with the WM Foundation. It is named in memory of Wallace Dayton, a well-beloved conservationist and outdoor enthusiast who was one of the founders of Voyageurs National Park.

In 2019, the National Park Service will acquire the parcel from Voyageurs National Park Association, officially adding this scenic place to Voyageurs National Park.

Voyageurs National Park Association wishes to thank our members and contributors to the Wallace C. Dayton Voyageurs National Park Legacy Fund for making this possible, as well as Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. for their ongoing pro bono support of land conservation efforts in Voyageurs National Park. Special thanks to Kate and Stuart Nielsen, Lisa Lindenfelser, Larry Berg, Ken Kadash, Carl Numrich, and Megan Bond.

Voyageurs National Park, one of the nation's wildest, most remote and unique national parks, stretches 55-miles along the Minnesota-Ontario border, encompassing 218,055 acres of land and water. Over 900-acres of privately-owned properties remain within the park.