Voyageurs National Park is Hiring for Upcoming 2017 Summer Season

voya_lisa_datacollectionThe National Park Service has seasonal employment available for the summer of 2017 at Voyageurs National Park! Vacant positions will begin posting in January and February for the following positions: Visitor Use Assistants Park Guides (open until 1/13) Park Rangers for Protection Wildland Firefighters (open until 2/21) Forestry Aids Small Craft Operators (Tour Boat Captains) (open until 2/10) Biological Science Technicians in both Wildlife and Vegetation (open until 1/13) Maintenance Workers

Many of the temporary jobs run from mid-May through early September and require work in an outdoor setting (which is awesome if you ask us). Some positions are only open to "contiguous to the local area" candidates and require applicants to live for two years within 45-miles of Voyageurs National Park.

It's truly rewarding to know you are helping maintain the beauty and history of a place deemed special and unique enough to BE a National Park.

Note: If you are entering into the wildland fire arena without any previous experience, there are some basic classes that may be able to complete locally which will increase your chances of being hired. You must be at least 18 years of age in order to work as a firefighter for the National Park Service. Applications are already being accepted for these positions.mica-bay-burn-2

To search for available positions and learn more about the job duties, go on-line, type in "International Falls, MN", in the City/State block, click on the link for the particular positions advertised and follow the instructions on how to apply. All application materials must be submitted on-line by the closing date of the job announcement. Applicants with questions regarding the application process should refer to the Help section on