Voyageurs National Park Launches Special History Website to Share Park Stories

Voyageurs National Park recently launched a special history website that share stories, photographs, and maps of the region from the 1880s to 1927. The written content for the website was completed in 2014 through a contract between the National Park Service (NPS) and the Mundus Bishop Architectural Design Firm from Colorado.

Staff from Voyageurs National Park examined aerial photographs taken in May 1927 and recorded several hundred features within the park area. Mundus Bishop then highlighted 19 sites within the park using significant information existing from oral histories, maps, photographs, and more. Park Archeologist and Integrated Resource Technician, Andrew LaBounty, took Mundus Bishop’s information one step further by using Esri ArcGIS Online to produce the website.

Today, visitors can use the special history website, which focuses on eight related aspects of the park’s history to learn more about: the logging industry, tourism and recreation, historical Ojibwe people, commercial fishing, conservation, gold mining, homesteading, and prohibition.

To visit the website, visitors may go to: or it is also available through: Complete citations and reference materials are also available online.