Top Ten List for a Safe and Enjoyable Vacation at Voyageurs National Park

By Law Enforcement Park Ranger - Kevin Grossheim July brings boating, sunshine, swimming, and marks the arrival of summer. People from all across Minnesota and the country are preparing for their great American vacations. If that vacation involves heading to Voyageurs National Park then watercraft preparations, campsite reservations, and supplies are all being purchased and sorted. Park rangers at Voyageurs have put together a top ten safe vacation list so a more enjoyable visit is had by all.

  1. Visit Voyageurs National Park’s website.
    • Know the latest safety messages, hours of operations, fees, boat tours, pet regulations, and other valuable information.
  2. Make a camping reservation before you go at  Also leave an itinerary with your emergency contact so they know where you’re going and when you will return.
  3. Purchase a fishing license.
    • If fishing is your key activity, stop by one of the local bait shops and talk about conditions, fishing activity, safety, and where to catch the best fish.
  4. Visit a park visitor center.
    • Stop at one of the park’s three visitor centers before heading out onto the water. Park rangers are stationed at visitor centers to help make your visit as fun as possible by giving you the latest information on conditions, and any weather or safety updates.
  5. Read park bulletin boards at boat launch ramps.
    • Keyinformationis posted and can save you time and problems by knowing the latest information about:
      • Special fishing regulations and announcements
      • Camping regulations
      • Exotic species and draining boats
      • Firewood regulations
  1. Buy a Lake Map.
    • Navigating on the park lakes for the first time or the first time in a long time? GPS, up-to-date navigational maps, and a compass can make your trip much easier, more fun, and much less costly. A variety of maps are available at the visitor centers. Don’t rely on GPS or cell phone coverage.
  2. Reserve a ranger-led boat tour before you go at
  1. Pack basic safety items.
    • First Aid kit
    • Bug spray
    • Sunscreen
    • Signal mirror
    • Map and Compass (Don’t rely on a GPS units or cell phones)
    • Medications
    • Flashlight and whistle
    • Matches
    • Emergency blanket
    • Emergency food
    • Water and filter
    • Marine band radio
  2. Know the regulations.
    • A good general rule to remember is help keep the park in the same condition you found it and to think safety while out in the park.
  3. Do not leave children or pets unattended in vehicles or at campsites. Secure your valuables or take them with you. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle where others can see them.

Come enjoy Voyageurs and Find your Park.