Voyageurs National Park High Water Alert Brings Some Campsite Closures

Voyageurs National Park Rangers urge caution when visiting the park due to high water levels. Over the past week, northern Minnesota has received large amounts of rainfall, making for hazardous conditions in some areas. All docks within Voyageurs National Park are submerged, extremely slippery, and some campsites have water encroaching on them. Floating debris and additional rock hazards can be found throughout the four main lakes in the park.

Due to hazardous conditions, park personnel have closed a total of 24 campsites on the park’s new reservation system through June 30, 2014. All other sites are open. The closed sites are as follows:

Backcountry All campsites All day use canoes

Frontcountry Kabetogma Lake Bald Rock (K1) Peterson Point (K25)

Namakan Lake Day Marker 23 (N5) Voyageurs Narrows (N41)

Sand Point Lake Browns Bay View (S3) King Pin (S10) Burnt Island (S4) More

Rainy Lake Lyle Mine Island (R93) Dryweed Island (R11) Loon Bay (R63) Saginaw Bay (R22) Kempton Entrance East (R91)

Sunrise Point (R26) Rainy Lake Group Campsite (R74) Kawawia Island (R16) Virgin Island South (R27)