Voyageurs National Park Association Makes and Marks History. A $150,000 Landmark Grant for Voyageurs National Park.

In 2015, Voyageurs National Park Association (VNPA) celebrates its 50th anniversary and the park's 40th anniversary. The Landmark Grant kicks off three years of projects in celebration of Voyageurs and ushers in the next 50 years with an exciting vision and expanded partnership.

park staff accepting landmark grant

Superintendent Mike Ward said, "The Landmark Grant will help us serve the public and protect our precious resources where our own budgets are lacking. This funding is truly a tremendous demonstration of VNPA's growth and ingenuity and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate it."

Amid years of federal funding decline, a sequestration and a government shutdown, this grant comes at a time when Voyageurs needs it most. This is the largest gift VNPA has ever granted to the park. Funding will be used to continue and jump start projects involving land preservation, site restoration, research, education, youth engagement and visitor services.

“What a great pleasure it is to be a part of an organization that’s able to step up and assist the park at a time of real financial need,” commented Doug Franchot, VNPA Board Chair.

VNPA will keep members and partners updated on specific ways this grant is being leveraged throughout the park as work progresses. VNPA would like to thank our generous supporters who made this unprecedented investment in our park possible. Special thanks to the WM Foundation for their support of this initiative. About Voyageurs National Park Association:

Voyageurs National Park Association’s mission is to protect and promote the natural, recreational, and historic resources of Voyageurs National Park. VNPA was created in 1965 to help establish Voyageurs National Park, a water-based national park that celebrates and preserves the treasures of the North Woods and border lakes, stretching 55 miles near the border of Minnesota and Ontario. Voyageurs National Park was officially created in 1975. Since then, VNPA has continued as Voyageurs’ leading voice for both protection and promotion of its resources, and as a partner with the National Park Service in empowering a new generation of park stewards, implementing special projects with financial and volunteer support, and working together to preserve the visitor experience and wild nature of the park for future generations.