What We Do

Founded in 1965, Voyageurs National Park Association represents a community of people committed to the future of Voyageurs. As an independent charitable organization, we work with the National Park Service to support recreation and conservation projects, enhance education and public engagement, and protect the wild nature of the park for future generations. With your help, we do this by:

  • Advocating for the park’s protection and ongoing stewardship
  • Raising funds for conservation, preservation, education, and recreation projects
  • Recruiting volunteers and partners to bolster the park's limited federal budget
  • Increasing public awareness and community engagement to build a larger community of visitors, supporters, and advocates

Voyageurs National Park Association's Core Areas of Work

Community Engagement

Expanding appreciation and sustainable use of the park through community engagement events, visitor education, volunteer days, and projects to improve trail and water access. Learn more

Keep Voyageurs Wild

Working to protect Minnesota's National Park through public outreach and education, land conservation, restoration and research work, partnerships with local and national organizations, and advocating to address policy issues and environmental concerns. Learn more

Voyageurs Landmarks

Helping the Park Service restore, preserve and interpret Voyageurs' historic, cultural, and ecological landmarks. Learn more

Next Generation Ambassadors

Connecting kids to Voyageurs and growing the next generation of park conservationists through classroom and in-park programs for youth. Learn more


How you can help

All of Voyageurs National Park Association's work is supported by our members and donors who love Voyageurs and want to help protect and care for this special place. If you’re already a member - thank you! If you’re not yet, please click here to give today.

Voyageurs National Park Association relies on financial support from individuals, businesses, and foundations who care about the future of Minnesota’s National Park. Thank you for helping make this work possible! With your help, VNPA has recently:

  • Been recognized with a National Park Service Director’s Partnership and two Champion Awards
  • Helped add 61 acres of boreal forest and pristine shoreline to the park
  • Empowered our 130th Minnesota high school student through the National Park Teen Ambassador program and connected hundreds of other students to the park through field trip grants and classroom outreach
  • ­Leveraged $20,000 in federal matching funds with private philanthropy to rehabilitate the Cruiser Lake Trail
  • Helped launch a multi-year wetland restoration initiative that will help bring back native plant communities like wild rice and improve fish and waterfowl habitat
  • Funded important science like a wildlife researcher and a hydrology study on the impacts of sulfide mine development in the park’s watershed
  • Sponsored community listening sessions and a leadership retreat to develop Voyageurs National
    Park’s 5-year priorities
  • Funded a short film to celebrate Voyageurs National Park and grow public awareness and appreciation
Photo by Doug Berlin

Photo by Doug Berlin