Top 10 Ways to Love Your Park

A guide to doing your part to preserve voyageurs national park for present and future generations

#1 Stop Invasive Hitchhikers

See out nearby decontamination stations for your watercraft. Clean, drain, and dry your boat before entering or exiting the park. Let’s keep zebra mussels and other invasives out!

#2 Use Approved Local Firewood for Campfires

Buy and burn local MN DNR-approved firewood that is free of invasive species like emerald ash borer. Bring plenty with you to your campsite; don't harm standing trees to create your fire.

#3 Pack Out Your Trash

Everything you bring into the park should come back out with you. Do not leave trash at campsites, in bear lockers, or anywhere out in the park.

#4 Respect Nature

Keep a safe distance when observing wildlife and store food properly. Leave plants, flowers, and all other natural and historic objects where they are for future visitors to enjoy.

#5 Lend a Hand

From trail work to event help, Voyageurs could use your time and talents! See for opportunities at the park, in the Twin Cities, and beyond.

#6 Preserve the Night

One of Voyageurs National Park's many wonders is its starry skies. Help keep them pristine and let others enjoy them by keeping light and noise down at night.

#7 Share Your Park

Take photos (safely and responsibly, of course) and share the wild beauty of Voyageurs so everyone can love this special place. You can even enter VNPA's annual photo contest at

#8 Use Your Civic Voice

Call your Congressional representatives and let them know that you think protecting and funding our national parks is important. Learn more about specific Voyageurs issues on our website.

#9 Keep Our Water Clean

Make sure to use phosphate-free soaps and other biodegradable products that won't damage the park's lakes and ecosystems. Never dump dishwater or other gray water in or next to lakes and streams.

#10 Give Back

Voyageurs National Park Association is the official charitable partner of the park. VNPA relies on the generosity of individuals like you to support projects and programs that preserve the park, enhance the visitor experience, and connect people of all ages and backgrounds to the wonders of Minnesota's National Park. You can become a friend of the park today at