Voyageurs National Park Association is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Voyageurs National Park Association’s mission is to connect people to Voyageurs National Park, enhance the visitor experience, and protect the park for present and future generations. 

We do this by:

  • Advocating for the park’s ongoing protection
  • Raising funds for conservation, preservation, education, and recreation projects
  • Increasing public awareness and community engagement to build a broad, diverse community of visitors, supporters, partners, and stewards


Voyageurs National Park is a celebrated, ecologically and historically significant park where people can learn, explore, volunteer, and enjoy sustainable recreation, leaving its wild character unimpaired for future generations.


Voyageurs National Park Association (VNPA) was founded in 1965 by a group of passionate community leaders who recognized the need to preserve in perpetuity the lands and waters of the Rainy, Kabetogama, Namakan, and Sand Point Lakes region of northern Minnesota.

Voyageurs National Park was established in 1975, preserving the unique history, geology, scenery and ecology of the region. Encompassing 218,000 acres, Voyageurs is one of the wildest, most scenic, geologically unique, and historically rich areas of Minnesota and the National Park system, enjoyed by over 240,000 visitors annually. Voyageurs is known for its amazing water-based recreation and camping experiences, pristine lakes and world-class fishing, boreal forests, calling loons, winter ice roads, and starry skies.

VNPA continues as an official nonprofit partner to the Park Service, supporting recreation, preservation, public engagement, and land and water conservation. Advocacy, fundraising, partnership development, and community engagement are our core strategies. Our main areas of work include:

  • Wild Voyageurs: Protecting the park’s lands, waters, wildlife, night skies, and wild character through public outreach and education, land conservation, restoration and research work, partnerships with local and national organizations, and advocating to address policy issues and environmental concerns. Our members serve as a voice for the park.
  • Park Ambassadors: Building a broader and younger community of park conservationists through classroom and in-park programs for youth, and sponsoring visitor programming and volunteer stewardship events.
  • Voyageurs Landmarks: Supporting the Park Service in the preservation and interpretation of Voyageurs' historic, cultural, and natural landmarks and stories.
  • Celebrate Voyageurs: Expanding appreciation and sustainable use of the park through a public awareness efforts, community engagement events, and projects that improve recreation access and the visitor experience.


In 2016, VNPA was presented with a National Park Service Director's Partnership Award and two National Park Service - Midwest Region Champion Awards in recognition of a strong partnership with the park.